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5 FREE AFTER EFFECTS SCRIPTS to improve workflow.

5 Free After Effects Scripts to improve workflow

After Effects is awesome, but occasionally the guys at Adobe miss something out.

Luckily some people out there have some incredible free scripts, and they’re so easy to install.

Move Anchor Point After Effects


This is one of my most used scripts, simply because it is so necessary. After effects provides you with the tools to allign layers, but ignores controls for anchor points. This is crazy considering all movement, rotation and scaling is based around the anchor point.

  • Moves Anchor Point to corners or centre

  • Works if you already have keyframes

  • Simple UI

Buttcapper After Effects

Do you wish AE had a stroke panel like Illustrator?

Unfortunately there’s nothing similar in After Effects, and this means that to change the stroke caps or joins you have to twirl down fifty menus to adjust these settings. Buttcapper does it in one click.

  • Stroke cap options

  • One click!

  • Small clean UI

Duik After Effects

There is so much included with this script I can’t believe it’s free. It is widely used as one of the most popular tools for character rigging and walk cycles. Duik also has tools for controlling cameras, animating keyframes and automating movements.

  • If you want to rig a character, you need DUIK

  • So much included

  • Rename multiple layers at the same time

  • Animation bounce presets



This tool is great if you have projects with tons of layers. Pre-composing is an ok way to manage layers but not if you still want to edit at the same time, it can become awkward to flick back and fourth between comps. Zorro allows you to manage your layers with tags and filter your timeline as you animate.

  • I now use this to organise every project

  • Select / Solo loads of layers with one click

  • Don't pre-comp to organize

Capture After Effects

This script allows you to quickly render the current frame with a choice of PNG or PNG with Alpha. This is great for storyboarding, quickly reviewing your work or keeping references of your changes.

  • Quickly save screenshot

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